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Empower Your Projects with Expert B2B Marketing Team Augmentation

Scale effortlessly with top-tier B2B marketing tech talent ready to integrate seamlessly into your projects.


Rapid Onboarding


Flexibility and Scalability


Expertise in High Demand Technologies


Cost-Effective Solutions


Proven Track Record

When Tomorrow's Growth Is Choked by Today's Constraints

Imagine this scenario unfolding over the next year within your marketing department. The stage is set with your team already scrambling to keep up with existing commitments.


The Project Backlog Disaster

Your marketing team and website developers are drowning under ongoing projects. Deadlines are slipping, and the backlog only grows. The digital face of your company—the website—is out of sync with market expectations because updates are perpetually delayed.


The Innovation Paralysis

Your CMO wants new initiatives researched to justify strategic pivots, but every team member is already maxed out. There’s simply no bandwidth to spearhead exploratory studies or develop forward-thinking strategies.

The Post-Mortem on Failed Projects


Projects completed six months ago aren’t meeting KPIs, and leadership is demanding answers. A comprehensive audit to understand the missteps and draft an executive report with SWOT analysis is needed, but who will take this on?

The Overwhelming Meeting Culture


Caught in a cycle of endless meetings, your team spends 4 to 5 hours daily in discussions, leaving even less time for actual work. The addition of ad-hoc projects like the ones needed now would push your team beyond its breaking point.

Amplify Your Output Instantly

Immediate Expertise Injection

Instantly expand your marketing team with seasoned professionals who bring specialized skills and fresh perspectives to the table.


Checkmate Challenges: Deploying Expert Pieces

Strategic Focus Maintenance

Our augmentation experts handle the day-to-day project execution, allowing your core team to focus on high-level strategic initiatives and innovation.


Strategizing Success: Elevating Your Game Plan

Efficient Resource Management

Strategy Junkies' team augmentation provides a cost-effective solution to scale your workforce only when needed, avoiding the long-term costs associated with permanent hires.


Resourceful Play: Optimizing Your Team’s Dynamics

Reduction of Work Overload and Meeting Fatigue

By distributing the workload more evenly across augmented and internal teams, we reduce the hours spent in unproductive meetings, focusing instead on actionable and results-driven interactions.


Balancing the Board: Streamlining Operations

Ready to Elevate Your Marketing Department’s Capabilities?

Navigating Your Team to Victory

At Strategy Junkies, we know the challenges you face in the tech sector—tight deadlines, relentless project demands, and the constant pressure for innovation. Like a seasoned chess master, we recognize each move's impact and are here to help you navigate through these complexities with precision and foresight.

Expert Strategists at Your Service

Leveraging decades of industry experience and a proven track record in strategic staffing, Strategy Junkies acts as your queen on the chessboard—powerful, versatile, and decisive. We've enabled countless technology leaders to amplify their team’s capabilities, align resources with project demands, and achieve significant victories in highly competitive markets.

Mastering Your Team’s Dynamics

Think of us as your strategic advisor, always thinking three moves ahead. From identifying the right talent to seamlessly integrating them into your ongoing projects, we ensure that every strategy is meticulously planned and executed. Our augmentation experts are more than just additions; they're catalysts for transformation and growth.

Our Commitment to Your Strategic Success

With Strategy Junkies by your side, consider your operational challenges checked. We promise not only to fill gaps but to enhance your team's strategic potential, helping you stay ahead of the curve and confidently face any challenge. It’s your move—let us help you make it a winning one