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OneView Notion Template Dashboard
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OneView integrates tasks, projects, notes, and goals effortlessly within Notion, offering a specialized project management template tailored for digital marketing agencies.

Made For Marketers By Marketers

Tired of tasks falling through the cracks?

Or wasting time searching for resources?

That's why we created OneView. Capture and organize everything in a

truly all-in-one workspace with the tools you use everyday.

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A Notion Template: Made For Marketers

Customizable Dashboard: Talk to a Consultant

Easy Implementation

Fit for any Sized Agency

"I used to think that Notion was too complicated. But now that I implemented it, I don't know how I used anything else before OneView. It changed the way I work forever."


Caleb Ebanks

Marketing Consultant

Why OneView?

Invest Time Where its Needed


Streamlined Content Flow

Enhanced Client Relations

Strategic Financial Oversight

Smart AI Insights

Accelerated Team Efficiency

Holistic Operational Control

Bypass the Pitfalls of Disorganization

Powerful Content Creation Tools

Templates for every type of content

Transform Your Content Creation Workflow with Our Custom Notion Page Templates! Our expertly designed templates guide you through every stage of the content creation process, ensuring you never miss a detail.

Ideal for onboarding new team members, these templates clearly outline what needs to be done, smoothing their transition into your agency. Stay organized and efficient with our Notion templates - your key to seamless content management!

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Integrated Budgeting

Keep track of budgeting and performance.

Enhance Your Financial Oversight with Our Notion Budgeting Tracker! Seamlessly integrated into your Notion dashboard, this tracker is a game-changer for monitoring marketing expenditures. Track every penny to generate more insightful reports and gauge the profitability of your efforts.

It's your one-stop solution for assembling data for monthly reports, ensuring you stay informed and ahead in your financial management. Keep your budget on track and your reports detailed with our intuitive Notion Budgeting Tracker!

Elevate Your Agency's Future Today

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